Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cancer Survivor Card...

I made a few of these cards for a girl on SCS who has a goal to collect 15 cards from every state for a relay race for cancer survivors... See Below for details...if you would like to participate you can email and I will give you the link to her address to send the cards to.

The first lap of the Relay is dedicated as the Survivor Lap. The cancer survivors wear purple shirts and walk their lap while their names are read over the speaker system as they are cheered by the crowd! Each year cards are given to the survivors as they are about to cross under the balloon arches to start the lap! This year I had a different idea...the theme for the Relay is Hometown,USA...Color the Town Purple. What better way to celebrate Hometown, USA then to try to have inspirational, hope-filled handmade cards from every state in the USA?!!! From your Hometown to Mine! I am hoping to gather at least 15 cards from every state in the USA by May 15, 2008! If you would like to help out, there are at least 700 survivors who will cherish your card as it is handed to them. If you would include the name and state of your hometown on the back of your card that would be appreciated. You are welcome to include other information such as name and address if you feel comfortable. Often our survivors send thank you notes after receiving their cards.

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